Trucking Accidents

Trucking accident

Georgia and Florida Truck Accidents Attorney

If you were injured in a truck accident The Lee Firm can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for past and future medical treatment, vehicle repair or replacement, and more where applicable. Every truck driver has a duty to drive safely and obey the rules of the road. When they drive in a negligent manner and disobey the laws they can be held accountable for their egregious conduct.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Fully loaded 18 wheelers can weigh more than 80,000 lbs. The roads are packed with these trucks on any given day and hour. When one of these trucks drives unsafely or experiences equipment failure, dozens or hundreds of other vehicles are at risk of getting into a dangerous accident. Many truck accidents are avoidable. Common reasons for truck accidents include:

  • Brake failure – big rigs have extraordinary loads and must be in perfect working order
  • Tire failure – tires deteriorate rapidly when they are carrying large loads and must be checked constantly
  • Overloaded trucks – too much cargo can easily result in sudden weight shifts. This can instantly result in jackknifing, spillage and deadly accidents
  • Driver error – includes drowsy driving, driver distraction and falling asleep

The Lee Firm Represents Truck Accident Victims in Georgia and Florida

It is crucial to hire an attorney who will take your case seriously and fight for your right to compensation. Contact The Lee Firm for a free consultation. The Lee Firm’s office is in Atlanta, Georgia and we represent clients in Georgia and Florida.