Negligent Security

negligent security

Were You a Victim of an Assault or Attack Due to Negligent Security

Unsuspecting good people sometimes become unfortunate victims of murder, assault, rape and gang violence while at apartment complexes, convenience stores, gas stations, night clubs, bars, and other commercial establishments.  When you are on the property of another, the owner has a legal duty to ensure that there is adequate security on the premises. This applies to a wide range of properties, such as private residences, hotels, apartment complexes, stores, malls, restaurants, stadiums, universities and so on.

Protected individuals generally include tenants, guests, visitors, shoppers, and others. This often calls for adequate security and protective measures such as:

  • Security cameras throughout the property – with no hidden spots
  • Security cars patrolling the premises on an appropriate schedule
  • Security office and proper communication devices such as handheld radios and phones
  • Bright lighting in walkways, stairwells, garages, elevators, and public areas
  • Gates and doors must be installed, secured and locked to keep intruders out
  • Employees should have background checks before being hired

Measures must be taken to protect individuals from sexual and physical assault, purse snatching, robberies, murder, and other dangerous criminal activities. In establishments where liquor is served security should ensure that intoxicated behavior does not occur.  As a former Deputy District Attorney and a personal injury lawyer having recovered millions on behalf of victims of these horrific crimes, Mr. Lee specializes in the litigation of these types of civil cases.  Mr. Lee has prosecuted murderers, rapists and gang members for terrible crimes that occurred on commercial properties.  This expertise gives rise to a different manner of preparation and presentation of negligent security cases.  Put this expertise to work for you!

The Lee Firm Represents Negligent Security Victims throughout Georgia and Florida

If you were physically or sexually assaulted or otherwise harmed due to inadequate security, you may have a legal cause of action for damages. The majority of cases are settled in negotiation and do not go to trial. The Lee Firm offers a complimentary consultation to discuss your case. Contact us today.