About the Firm

DeMone Lee, Rotosha Chandler and Anthony Savage pose with a white backdropAt the Lee Firm we are focused on personal service. For more than six years, the founder and managing attorney, DeMone Lee, devoted himself to public service for the People of Florida and Georgia as a prosecutor. During his experience of trying over 50 jury trials and helping thousands of victims get the justice that they deserved in criminal courts he made many observations. Law enforcement officers do not always do the most competent and honest job. Unfortunately, criminal defendants often hire lawyers that hold themselves out to be more skilled than what they really are. Criminal defendants do not always receive the adequate representation that they deserve.

He also had the opportunity to observe civil trial lawyers in court. The most striking thing to him was the lack of persuasive ability that civil trial lawyers demonstrated. That is largely due to most civil lawyers rarely trying cases. Many civil trial lawyers do not have a great command of the rules of evidence and they do not understand how to build and prepare a case for trial. This lack of ability makes the threat of a lawsuit ring hollow due to insurance companies recognizing that the civil attorney will not go to trial and even if they do go to trial, the likelihood of their success is extremely small.

DeMone Lee is no stranger to trying cases. There is a need for true civil and criminal trial lawyers that genuinely want to serve their clients by always being prepared for trial. DeMone Lee is that trial lawyer. He believes in zealously advocating for the rights of victims and he also believes in adequately representing the rights of the accused. This is why the Lee Firm was created.

The Lee Firm’s slogan is “You Call, We Answer!” The reason for that slogan is a deep, abiding conviction that we hold. The abiding conviction that we are here to serve you. The abiding conviction that we are here to protect your interest. The abiding conviction that we are here for you and all that you have to do is call us. Give the Lee Firm a call and we will always answer!