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Personal Injury

NO COST TO YOU UNTIL YOU WIN Personal injury actions come in many varieties.  Slip and fall in stores and restaurants, injuries received at amusement parks, injuries caused by defective safety bars in hotel bathrooms, injuries received from equipment at the local gym are all cases that we have handled.  This is but a small example of cases that we have handled.  No matter how novel the injury may be, we can assist you by getting you the compensation that you deserve. 

Car Accident? You Call, We Answer!

Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day.  Considering the number of hours that we spend on the road, the likelihood of a car accident is no trivial matter.  If you or a loved one are in a car accident, no matter how small it may seem initially, call us for a free consultation.

Crime Victim? You Call, We Answer!

Negligent Security

Apartment shootings and assaults, club shootings and assaults, retail outlets shooting and assaults and other commercial assaults are all unfortunate realities.  Victim’s of crimes not only have recourse through the criminal justice system, but also in the civil justice system.  We aggressively provide crime victims the civil representation that they need and deserve.


At the Lee Firm, LLC we are focused on personal service. For more than six years, the founder and managing attorney, DeMone Lee, devoted himself to public service for the People of Florida and Georgia. During his experience of trying over 50 jury trials and helping thousands of victims get the justice that they deserved in criminal courts he made many observations. There is a need for true civil and criminal trial lawyers that genuinely want to serve their clients by a yearning passion for resolving disputes by persuading a trial jury. DeMone Lee is that trial lawyer. He believes in zealously advocating for the rights of victims and he also believes in adequately representing the rights of the accused. The Lee Firm’s slogan is “You Call, We Answer!” The reason for that slogan is a deep, abiding conviction that we hold. The abiding conviction that we are here to serve you.


Inside Courthouse Attorney Profile Page

-Managing Attorney DeMone Lee

“I will fight for you! As a former prosecutor I enjoyed great success. The key to my success was grounded in sparing no expense in preparation of my cases. I believe in building cases from the floor up. I interview every witness, investigate all angles and hire all necessary experts.  I have built thousands of cases and if you allow the Lee Firm, LLC to represent you, you will have all of that experience at your disposal. Building the case is the first part of successfully handling your case. The next part is to fight. I was once called “The Hammer” because of my heavy hitting style in the courtroom. Fighting for my clients’ rights is not just what I do.  It is my passion! What drove me as a prosecutor fighting for victims drives me as I fight for you!”

Cell Phone Dial Lee FirmHOW WILL WE HELP YOU?

We will aggressively represent you by always seeking the maximum compensation that you and your loved ones deserve in personal injury and wrongful death actions.  We do not believe in leading our clients blindly.  We will make sure that you fully understand the process every step of the way.  We will never shy away from court and we will do everything that we can to ensure that you end up with compensation for the medical treatment that you need and money to assist you in the future.  We will help you. All you have to do is call.  You Call, We Answer!


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