We see it on the news every day.  Someone has been violently assaulted or murdered.  These terrible incidents often happen at clubs, restaurants, shopping complexes, gas stations and apartment complexes.  Many people do not realize that these commercial entities often owe a duty to their customers and tenants to ensure that they are safe when on their property.  We at The Lee Firm take great pride in representing our negligent security clients.  Our expertise in this arena make is uniquely situated to help you and your loved one through this difficult time.

I Held Them Responsible As A Prosecutor and I Will Hold Them Responsible As Your Attorney

As a prosecutor, I represented the State in numerous cases against individuals that violently harmed members of our community.  I have successfully tried cases ranging from aggravated battery to rape to murder.  While the victims and victims’ families received a sense of relief from the criminal litigation, there were often times where they still had a glaring hole in their lives.  The lost of loved one or serious impairment left these families without the love and compassion of the victims.  There was income that was lost.  There were lives changed.  In certain circumstances, had property owners taken the proper steps to provide security, these victims would have never been harmed.  I then saw another way to assist those in need.

What We Do

Aggressive representation.  Period.  We are competent in handling these matters and we have the resources to see the case through to conclusion by getting you the jury verdict or settlement that you so justly deserve.

What You Should Know

If you have been the victim of a crime, maintain a great relationship with the law enforcement agency prosecuting your case.  Know the name of your investigator, assigned assistant district attorney and victim advocate.  Know the names and contact information for any witnesses that you may feel have relevant information.  Make sure you keep a record of all of your medical providers and medical bills.  If you have obtained disability since the attack, obtain a copy of your entire social security disability file.  Keep a diary.  Your life has changed and we want to make sure that a jury knows how.

Why are certain properties more susceptible to violence?

There are a number of factors that make a property susceptible to violent attacks.  One of the main factors is the location of the property.  Properties in areas of high crime are often targets of criminals.  That by itself does not make a property unsafe.  Often times, property owners increase their profits margins by disregarding safety concerns.  Measures such as ensuring security guards on the premises, proper lighting, polices and procedures to remove suspects prior to committing the crime and great ties to the community all aid in reducing criminal incidents.  This is common knowledge in the commercial property industry yet many property owners make a choice to pocket the money that would be necessary to protect its customers.  We see it all of the time and what they withhold in protecting their customers, we aim to make them pay to their victimized patrons.


We help victims and victim families of:

  1. Murder
  2. Attempted murder
  3. Rape, sexual assault and molestation
  4. Aggravated battery
  5. Aggravated assault

How Can We Represent You

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