Aggressive Representation

Your life is in jeopardy and your liberty is at stake. Being accused of a crime is one of the most frightening things that an individual can experience. Whether it is a misdemeanor offense or a felony punishable by death, your life will be forever changed if you get convicted. While the law presumes you to be innocent, the Lee Firm, LLC will not just rely on that presumption as a defense. We will aggressively represent you by seeking to prove your innocence.

Your Liberty and Your Time is the State’s Currency

You are charged and the Prosecutor has reviewed the file. Now the Prosecutor wants to make an offer. The offer won’t revolve around money like a civil case. Money is not the currency. Your time and liberty is the currency. How much freedom will you be willing to give up to make the case go away? Sometimes the answer to that is none. Other times the answer to that is more complicated. That’s why you need the aggressive representation from a former Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney and Assistant State Attorney, Attorney DeMone Lee.

Our Strategy – Prove Your Innocence

The Lee Firm will seek to prove your innocence. How can that be done? Here is how:

Full Investigation

We will employ that best private investigator for your case. As a former Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta, the managing attorney DeMone Lee has worked closely with some of Atlanta’s best investigators. Because of that experience, he is uniquely qualified to identify the best of the best private investigators. The best investigators leave no stone unturned, interview all witnesses, locate all pertinent evidence and make sure that your witnesses show up at trial. The key to a successful defense is a strong investigation.

Full Understanding of the Law

Knowledge, experience and understanding is what we offer our clients. Managing Attorney DeMone Lee has handled literally thousands of criminal cases and dealt with countless legal issues. Motions to suppress, motions to exclude evidence, demurrers and other case specific motions have been routinely dealt with by the Managing Attorney DeMone Lee during his six plus years as prosecutor. That experience will be at your disposal.

Full Understanding of the Facts

Read every document, interview every witness and analyze every piece of evidence are guiding principles for successfully defending your rights. This firm will leave no stone unturned and put in the work to ensure that every fact that there is to know about your case is known. You have a major advantage that the State does not have. You know things that the State may never know until trial if you have followed our instructions below. The State cannot force you to tell them what you know. That means that we have the jump on the State and can go out and identify evidence for your defense prior to their involvement. That also means that we will understand all of the facts earlier and potentially better than the State. This is extremely important for your defense.


The 6 P’s governs how we get ready to present your case. Prior Preparation Prevents Pathetic Poor Performance. We understand the value of preparedness. Through hard work, we are always prepared to defend you. Much like a football player does not go into the game without having spent countless hours understanding the game plan and practicing their plays, we will always be prepared.

Art of Persuasion

This is the most unique piece of the strategy that we can offer and no other law firm can offer it like we can. Managing Attorney DeMone Lee’s talent of persuasion. God blesses us all with special things that we can do and Attorney DeMone Lee’s specialty is persuasion. This is what led to such a successful career as a prosecutor. This is what will set your criminal defense apart from the rest.

Charges Will We Aggressively Defend You Against

• All Varieties of misdemeanor offenses


• Battery

• Assault

• Theft (all varieties)

• Aggravated Assault/Battery

• Car Hijacking

• Kidnapping

• Armed Robbery

• Murder

• Possession of Drugs

• Possession of Drugs with Intent

• Drug Trafficking

• Drug Offenses

• Other Serious Felony Cases

11 Things That You Should and Should Not Do When Confronted by Law Enforcement

1. Let the officer know that you are invoking your right to remain silent.

2. Let the officer know that any questions that he has must go through your attorney (just give the officer my name, Attorney DeMone Lee).

3. Do NOT be hostile towards the officer.

4. Call us as soon as possible!

5. Do NOT under any circumstances volunteer to speak to the officer (even if the officer attempts to make it seem like you are not a suspect).

6. Do NOT disclose your cell phone numbers to officers.

7. Do NOT talk about your case with any inmates at jail.

8. Do NOT talk about your case on the telephone at the jail.

9. Do NOT talk about your case on the video phone at the jail.

10. Do NOT post ANYTHING on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or any other social media forum.

11. Cooperate fully with your attorney, giving all information requested.

We offer reasonable payment plans and accept all major forms of credit cards. We will work with you. Do not let your financial situation keep you from getting the criminal defense that you deserve.


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